Does My Computer Have Bluetooth?

Bluetooth being one of the most used interface for data transfers, we need them in our computers. With no boundaries for mobile and computer applications any more, we want an interface that makes things easy, like Bluetooth. Hence the question ’Does My computer have Bluetooth?‘. As far as present time is concerned there is very less possibility or rather no possibility that there is an inbuilt Bluetooth connection available in your Desktop computers. But if you’re using a Laptop-you may or may not have a Bluetooth connection-you can check its availability.

There are different ways to check the availability of Bluetooth. Even though one is sufficient to find out, I ll mention two of them for your comfort.

Go to start, settings, control panel. Click on ‘Network and internet connections’. If you have it there, then it’s available in your computer. This one is the best and most used method to check.

One more method is, Right click on ‘My computer’, click on ‘Manage’, open up ‘Device manager’ and click on ‘Network adapters’. Check for any Bluetooth availability.

Now after the check, if you find out that you have a Bluetooth then that’s great. All you have to do is find its button and press it along with the function key. Now your Bluetooth is ‘ON’ and ready to use. But if don’t have but need it, then its fine. All you need to do is, Buy a Bluetooth USB/Adapter.

Bluetooth USB/Adapter is a small pen-drive type device that enables Bluetooth connection to your Computer. It comes with a drive software which need to installed as per the manual. Once the drive is installed you can use Bluetooth application by just inserting the adapter in any USB ports. The penny size USB available today can stay at the USB port anytime for instant connectivity. The Working distance of Bluetooth depends upon the type of Adapter you use.

Now that you have a Bluetooth computer connection you can avail the luxury of using Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth Keyboards, Bluetooth mouse and the obvious one, connection to Mobile phones. You can even use your Bluetooth computer to browse internet through your mobile phone SIM card. All the best. :)

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Call From My Computer

Need to call from your computer for free, it’s not a big task at all. Lots of softwares available out there that facilitates you to call from your PC to PC or PC to Phone. Even Google is working on its new technology to facilitate its users to call from their computer to cell phones, With PC to PC facility already available on your G-Talk. Here are few reputed applications to call from computer.

1. Google Voice:

If are in USA then you can avail this facility from Google. It provides a single Google forwarding number to all the user’s phones. Google voice is currently providing PC to PC Voice and video calling services for all the users in the world, where ever its available. Voice mail, call history, conference calling are some of the provides additional features. Currently, the PC to Phone free call facility is available only in North America, if you’re not here, then you need to wait for some time. All you need is a Google account to avail this facility.

2. Gtalk:

This is great application to talk from PC to PC, which most you might be using. But this is only confined to voice and other simple features. All you need is a Gmail account, a microphone and speaker.

3. Skype:

Used for PC to PC or PC  to Phone calling, where the former is free but later costs you. Just download, install, find your friend in Skype using their ID and keep talking. Need a microphone and speaker.. :) .

4. icall :

Using icall you can make free 3 minute call from your computer to any phone in the US and Canada. Just download the application from their website and start using it, it’s that simple.

With all the above facilities available, we hope for better features and facilities that help us to make a call to cell phone from computer for free.  Keep checking for updates.

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Fix My Computer

With computer’s role in our day today life increasing so is problem related to computers. Thousands of applications are available out there and hundreds of them are used in our computer making it a problem prone device. But the best part is most of us can fix the most common problems. All the trouble shooting can be minimized and your computer can be maintained problem free. Here goes the list.

1. Fix Computer running slow:

Out of reasons for computer running slow, for other than few things like ‘RAM up-gradation’ and ‘de-fragmentation’, there are ‘free fix’ softwares available out there which does windows registry, disc cleanup for free. Download them, keep using them periodically to maintain your PC. EX: Advanced SystemCare Free. Some softwares even allow you to choose start-up files, blocking unnecessary files. They also prevent startup installation of files without your knowledge. Disable Startup software, Autorun detector are some examples.

2. Fix computer freezing:

All ‘free fix’ softwares necessarily does not give protection against Malwares, Spywares and other viruses. So Scanning your PC using free downloaded softwares or free online computer scanning softwares will do the job for you. AVG, Avast, Microsoft security essentials are some of the preferred ones. You can also try a software named process explorer.

3. Fix Blue Screen Death/ Automatic system rebooting:

This is due to improper installation of drives or softwares. Try reinstalling the drives. Also uninstall the most recently installed software which may be leading to lack of compatibility. If nothing works then reinstall your operating system.

4. Fix weird noise:

This may be coming from your cooling fan. Clean the dust on the fan and make sure nothing is hindering its rotation. Check for any loose connection and fix it immediately.

Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services is an free application from Microsoft, that helps to detect and automatically fix errors. There are many more tools available out there to fix and maintain your computer for free. With lots of support forums it would be easy for one to fix computer for free. All said, when there is severe problems, do not hesitate to get it fixed by a professorial.

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Computer Running Slow

No matter how expensive car you buy, it need to be serviced. Same applies to your PC. With usage, the problem of computer running slow is normal unless it is properly maintained and serviced. Having internet connections, downloading loads of stuff, installing & using different applications take a toll on your computer, thus making it slow.

Some of the common reasons for computer running slow are:

1. Not enough RAM: RAM stores your temporary files. If there is no enough RAM i.e less than 512MB then consider adding more. At-least 1GB is preferred for better speed.

2. Unnecessary & uncontrolled application running: Many programs when installed will install a quick launch feature, that allows them open during start-up. These programs keep running till you shut down your system. Look at the right corner of your windows tool bar to find the programs running. Close all unnecessary files. You can also check your windows task manager to find unnecessary running files and end them. There also softwares which list the Startup softwares and allow you to turn off the one not needed.

3. Lack of maintenance: Many computers are filled with lots of unnecessary files, mainly in C drive. All the outdated software, unused game softwares, Zip files of softwares downloaded, deleted files in recycle bin etc. Either delete all these or save them in an external drive or in some CD. Remember to keep at least 10% of your software storage drive-  normally C drive- free. Can use Windows disc cleanup to delete temporary files. If you’re an expert then you can use Windows registry.

4. Malwares & Spywares: In most cases these are the greatest contributor for slow computers. Using updated versions Anti-Malwares  and Anti-spywares in safe mode will help to restore your computer to normal mode. Usage of two or three such applications will provide higher security.

5. Fragmented Hard drives: Windows tend to scatter files all around free space. This causes slower file searches. De-fragmentation leads to assembling file segments resulting in easy file searches.

start > all programs > Accessories > system tools > disk defragmenter.

select the disk you need to defragment, mainly C.

6. Overheating: Again one of the major cause for Computer running slow. Open the case and clean the dust collected on the fan and ensure no obstruction for air circulation. Usage of computer in Air Conditioned room adds to the advantage.

All these known, check that whether the system requirements of the softwares installed  is matching or not, Mainly if you are using an old computer. Or else even that may be reason. At last, to keep your computer in good form, maintain it.

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