Does My Computer Have Bluetooth?

Bluetooth being one of the most used interface for data transfers, we need them in our computers. With no boundaries for mobile and computer applications any more, we want an interface that makes things easy, like Bluetooth. Hence the question ’Does My computer have Bluetooth?‘. As far as present time is concerned there is very less possibility or rather no possibility that there is an inbuilt Bluetooth connection available in your Desktop computers. But if you’re using a Laptop-you may or may not have a Bluetooth connection-you can check its availability.

There are different ways to check the availability of Bluetooth. Even though one is sufficient to find out, I ll mention two of them for your comfort.

Go to start, settings, control panel. Click on ‘Network and internet connections’. If you have it there, then it’s available in your computer. This one is the best and most used method to check.

One more method is, Right click on ‘My computer’, click on ‘Manage’, open up ‘Device manager’ and click on ‘Network adapters’. Check for any Bluetooth availability.

Now after the check, if you find out that you have a Bluetooth then that’s great. All you have to do is find its button and press it along with the function key. Now your Bluetooth is ‘ON’ and ready to use. But if don’t have but need it, then its fine. All you need to do is, Buy a Bluetooth USB/Adapter.

Bluetooth USB/Adapter is a small pen-drive type device that enables Bluetooth connection to your Computer. It comes with a drive software which need to installed as per the manual. Once the drive is installed you can use Bluetooth application by just inserting the adapter in any USB ports. The penny size USB available today can stay at the USB port anytime for instant connectivity. The Working distance of Bluetooth depends upon the type of Adapter you use.

Now that you have a Bluetooth computer connection you can avail the luxury of using Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth Keyboards, Bluetooth mouse and the obvious one, connection to Mobile phones. You can even use your Bluetooth computer to browse internet through your mobile phone SIM card. All the best. :)

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